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Tulip Fever is an upcoming 2017 American-British film which has a screenplay by Sir Tom Stoppard and directed by Justin Chadwick, which is based on a novel by acclaimed author Deborah Moggach which has a 17th-century storyline.

It stars Dane DeHaan, Alicia Vikander, Zach Galifianakis, Christoph Waltz, Judi Dench, Jack O’Connell, Matthew Morrison, Holliday Grainger and Cara Delevingne.

After many hurdles, the film is set to be released officially on February 24, 2017, worldwide by The Weinstein Company.



The Tulip Fever movie is based on a novel as we mentioned earlier and it revolves around a married lady (Vikander) who starts having an affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan) who is an bollywood movies employed for a job of painting her portrait by Christoph Waltz, her husband. And later both Vikander and Dane bet on the booming market for tulip bulbs as an approach to raising enough cash to flee together. The film is co-starred by Holliday Grainger, Zach Galifianakis, Jack O’Connell, Matthew Morrison, Cara Delevingne and Tom Hollander.


The Tulip Fever film was produced by both Alison Owen and Harvey Weinstein.


Plot of the movie

During a mid-seventeenth century in Netherlands, amid the time of the tulip mania, an artist Dane DeHaan falls in love with a married young lady Alicia Vikander while he’s appointed to paint her portrait by her husband, Christoph Waltz. The two invest their resources into the risky tulip market to gain enough resources to run away together.


Cast of the movie


The movie star crew includes Alicia Vikander acted as Sophia and Dane DeHaan as Jan Van Loos, Zach Galifianakis, Christoph Waltz as CornelisSandvoort; Judi Dench performed as the Abbess of St. Ursula and Holliday Grainger as Maria, Jack O’Connell as William, Matthew Morrison as Mattheus, Tom Hollander as Dr. Sorgh, Cara Delevingne as Henrietta, David Harewood as Prater, Kevin McKidd as Johan De Bye, Cressida Bonas as Mrs. Steen.



Production of the movie.


The film was initially decided to be made in 2004, with Jude Law and Keira Knightley as leading performing artists and John Madden as director of the movie. Later the film project was ended due to change in tax rules applicable to film productions in the United Kingdom.


Baz Bamigboye from Daily Mail reported detailed news that Justin Chadwick would direct the movie with Alicia Vikander appended to star in the character of Sophia and that Matthias Schoenaerts was being looked for the male lead. Bamigboye detailed that Chadwick together with makers Alison Owen and Harvey Weinstein chose to cast Vikander for the film.



The team of Tulip Fever includes production designer Simon Elliott, cinematographer EigilBryld, and costume designer Michael O’Connor, make-up artist Daniel Phillips.

Tom Stoppard has adjusted the screenplay for the film. The London-based Welsh portrait artist Jamie Routley did the first pictures that are found in the movie. Danny Elfman composed the film’s score.






Filming of the movie


The shooting occurred at many places including Cobham Hall in Cobham, Kent, Norwich Cathedral, Holkham in Norfolk and Tilbury, (in Essex as well as Kentwell Hall in Suffolk and at Pinewood Studios on different dates all through June and July in 2014.






Footages from the film were screened in May 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival. In December 2015, the first trailer for the movie including Alicia Vikander and Christoph Waltz was released. The film was planned to be released on July 15, 2016, in the beginning, yet was postponed until February 24, 2017, with bits of gossip about re-altering punjabi movies , as Harvey Weinstein might have been “troubled” with the last cut.



Few audience in Hollywood movies is straightforward about their conviction or absence of confidence in movies of Harvey Weinstein. He isn’t reluctant about it as he promised an Oscar win for Jake Gyllenhaal for “Southpaw” a year ago. When a film doesn’t perform financially as well as commercially it intended to be; that results in putting the release date in a jar of a mystery until everybody whispers whether a movie even exists.

This is all happening with “Tulip Fever.”


The Weinstein Company apparently denied commenting on these rescheduling choice. However, a source with information of the circumstance said the organization changed the date because of financial conditions, having taken a look at a release date that is February 24, 2017, is a better choice than July 15, 2016, given the market.


Gossips apart finally the movie is hitting silver screens on February 24, 2017, the worldwide. Hope there won’t be further delays.

Stay tuned; we will notify you in the case of any changes.

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Is there a possible relation between religion and music? Can religious affiliation be a reason to like or dislike music?

In many religions, music has an elevating impact intended to help its entertainers and audience members accomplish union. Different religions, for example, Islam, dismiss most music as a human creation that removes individuals from their Higher Power.


It’s hard to accept that music and religion are not connected somehow or another in any general public or society on earth. This is not to say that all religions grasp the utilization of music in their love to their God or divine beings, in reality, it is peaceful the inverse. While a few religions use music to acclaim and love, different religions trust music wanders the consideration of devotees far from their God and even consider it to be a device of the friend.


We should first recognize a few societies that grasp music into their religion and convictions, as most religions do. In Malagasy culture (Madagascar) negative characteristics, for example, infection are frequently connected with spirits. To distinguish these awful spirits the general population hold services, Tremba, to speak with the spirits through a medium.


Have you ever pondered about the inception of music? What chance occasion drove some primate to impersonate nature (the sound of the wind over a broken reed) or to supplement nature (noise of bone striking an empty skull…one can envision a scene, for example, the opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey)? What did these unique practices and sounds express? Is it safe to say that it was a flooding of life vitality, an overflow of imperativeness? Would it be able to have been a demeanor of balance and puzzle at an age-old burial service when vocal crying offered an approach to violent beating on the empty and thunderous carcass with skin drawn tight like a drum? Then again, maybe, might it be able to have been an endeavor to copy nature in a type of impersonation enchantment – the sound of thundering drums to bring precipitation, the shriek of a fledgling to draw in prey? Did music create the idea of divine beings and goddesses who show themselves in standard procedures? Did certain sounds or shrieks summon particular divine beings or goddesses, or was sound thought to be an appearance of the powerful? Were early shaman’s redundant sounds approaches to go on otherworldly missions, or did they just initiate the neurons in the mind in charge of “profound experience?” It is each of the matter of theory, yet we can be sure that music in the present type of the music business and the compact disc recording is not illustrative of the structured music has taken all through the ages.


From an entire realist viewpoint, music is pointless. It doesn’t appear to present a developmental adjustment (unless it is similar to the fascination of potential mates, as with feathered creatures), yet it is pervasive all through authentic and contemporary social orders. Music has a tendency to summon a state in the audience – that is by all accounts a truth. Music is a device or strategy for gathering (in the audience) or communicating (in the entertainer) particular temperaments or excited states. In this sense, music can be viewed as an innovation whose reason for existing or new xnxx videos is an inspiration/change of the excited conditions of entertainers and audience members. Music is an innovation of passionate change.


It might be to some degree troublesome for us to concentrate from our present society and to envision what music resembled and why it was performed in different social orders all through the ages. We can envision military, people, and religious utilizations of music as three essential classes in which the innovation of passionate change may be helpful. I think a reasonable contention can be made that music was initially, or fundamentally, utilized as a part of a shamanistic or otherworldly setting to express and change enthusiastic energies and encounters.


There is confirmation of the improvement of musical frameworks with regards to supernatural/religious structures. Case in point, in the Indian Yogic convention, each chakra (vitality focuses in various parts of the body) is connected with different tones and letters: The different tones are thought to animate or “open” the different chakras which can prompt both recuperating and profound development. Notwithstanding the various frequencies of sound vitality mapping onto the chakras, visual energy, as different hues map onto the physical/otherworldly chakra framework (from 1-7 individually, additionally take note of the correspondence with the shading range of the rainbow).

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Fashion Boutique

In present scenerio, women are very specific about their dressing sense. In present age and day most the women are working they want to be more presentable. They avoid to buy outdated dress material. In their spare hours they start searching latest designs to look graceful and elegant. Girls and Female want to become modish and they are becoming by following latest fashion and trends. Punjabi women prefer boutiques for purchasing or designing punjabi suits, salwar suits and lehenga choli.

Now the question arise what is boutique?
Boutique is form of store either small or big one that sells distinctive clothings and accessories at reasonable rates.

Here I am talking about the India’s Leading number one boutique that is “WahFashion”. This boutique uses latest techniques to match women’s tastes with clothing that might find tempting for them. They sell according to the fashion preferences of females. This store deals in every type of women apparel. This boutique is specialized in punjabi suits as well as in lehenga choli that can design for any get together. The good thing about this boutique is that they are not selling their product offline, they also work online. Anyone from anywhere can place any order at anytime in this online clothing store.
This store work with following boutique dresses:

1) Punjabi Suits
2) Lehenga Choli
3) Gowns
4) Kurti
5) Anarkali Suits
6) Wedding Dress
7) Churidar Suits
8) Embroidery Suits

Lets discuss briefly:

Punjabi Suits:

The coventional salwar kameez of punjabi women is well known all over the world as “Punjabi Suits“. This is a combination of three parts; Kameez is the upper part of the salwar suit, salwar is the bottom of this dress material and dupatta is the complement to punjabi suit. In Wahfashion boutiue punjabi salwar kameez is designed according to the customer’s taste. The boutique clothes of this store is elegant and well embellished with machine work and hand embroidery. Thus it offers huge varieties to the buyer for selection.

Lehenga Choli:

Lehenga choli is the traditional wear of rajasthani and gujrati women but in prevailing fashion this dress material is changed into latest one and has become girls first choice for any occasion. Lehenga choli is a combination of lehenga the long skirt, choli – the blouse of lehenga choli and heavy embroidered dupatta. This boutique designs beautiful and trendy lehenga for any age group. They prepare the lehenga choli of customer according to their color combination and on the selected fabric.


Gown is the perfect outfit for evening parties and engagement. One can easily buy designer gowns at Wah Fashion boutique. They make it on any fabric like satin, silk, net and many more. The heavy embellished gowns are embroidered by their experienced workers.


For summer season kurti is best attire. Girls wear this attire in this day to day lives. This boutique customizes the kurtis as stated by buyers. Different styles of kurtis like simple kurti on cotton or glace cotton stuff, hand embroidered kurti for parties and machine embroidered kurti for some special gathering.

Anarkali Dress:

This boutique also design anarkali suits. Anarkali consist of a frock, a bottom and a dupatta. All types of anarkali suits like cotton, silk, bridal, party wear, traditional and pakistani are designed here. The word anarkali came from mughal’s time with flow of fashion the traditonal anarkali is changed into modern one and you can get online and offline at this store.

Wedding Dress:

The graceful wedding dress is every girl dreams and your dream is fulfilled only at WahFashion Boutique. You can get your favourite dress only at this boutique and you can place order for the same at here. The different wedding dress like bridal salwar kameez, saree, bridal lehenga choli and wedding gown are prepared here.

Churidar Suits:

You can get your favourite churidar suit only at this boutique. All types of churidar are prepared here on best fabric. Look diva in boutique designed churidar.

Embroidery Suits:

If you want number one store who give excellent embroidery work then you should go for this boutique. This boutique has experienced workers who are proficient in their work. All types of embroidery work like kundan work, zari work, resham, sequins and jarkon work done by them. This boutique has worker who can do machine works.

Wahfashion Boutique not only deals with Indian customers but NRI people also prefer this online clothing store. This boutique sells only branded products named as Reet Glamour. This boutique is the part of Wah Fashion registered company. They never use cheap fabrics or embroidery material. They always give assurance of products. You can surf at wahfashion online portal to see latest designs. For getting information of any product you can easily whatsapp them and call at +91 9915178418 and follow them at facebook.

If you are also one of the women who prefer designer clothes can go for the Wah Fashion Boutique for buying anarkali dress, wedding dress, punjabi suits, lehenga choli and many more.

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Michael Jackson


Entertainment is a form of physical activity that grip the awareness and delight  of public. It can be any kind of game idea or event for the purpose of keeping crowed attention.  Enjoyment is something wow factor of human life. It can be that activity or the medium by which an individual relaxes his or her body and mind. There are many ways of getting entertain according to people different taste and likes in today’s era. Today’s generation may entertain going through on movies with their friends and family. Some entertain themselves through listening music playing outdoor and indoor games like cricket, football, Carom board, cards etc. It play a vital role in everyone life. Today the life has become too much fast and stressful, people need a break to regain his power to work with dedication. It is necessary because it works like a remedy in case of corporate world. As we know very well competition is increased day by day in each and every field like jobs are becoming so much stressful that most of employees resign because of pressure of their senior employers and target of the companies. It becomes more and more harder for people to disburse time with their loved ones. So it’s obligatory to keep in touch with our family and friends through enjoyment. It provides a way to break away from everyone life. Filmywap Music and film industry play a very special role in our life, there are so many artist and singers in bollywood as well as Hollywood cinema and they are entertaining us. Michael Jackson was one from them.

Michael Joseph Jackson from august 29th 1958 to June 25th 2009 was an American singer, writer, dancer producer and artist called the king of pop. He was the 8th child of Jackson family made his professional debut in 1964 with his elder brother’s Jackie jac tito jac jeramine jac and marlon jac as a member of Jackson five. Began his sole career in 1971 in 1980’s he became dominant figure in popular music. His music videos beat it thriller, Billie jean. JJ 1987 album bad spawned the US billboard number on singles. I just can’t stop loving you track, bad the way u make me feel, man in the mirror, dirty Diana becomes first album to have pre-number one singles on rdxhd. Through stage and video performance he was popularized a number of complicated dance tech such as robot and moon walk to which he gave the name. Thriller is best selling album of all the time with estimated sale of 65 million copies on World Wide Web. He is recognized as the successful and powerful entertainer of all the time by gunnies world record. He is also inducted in rock and roll hall of fame twice.

Moreover, other achievements gunnies world record 13 Grammy award and it legend lifetime achievement award, 26 American music records. He won hundred of accord making him most awarded recording artist in history of popular music industry. Aspect of Jackson personal life including his changing appearance personal relationships and behavior generated controversies. In 1993 he was accused of child sexual abuse but civil case was settled out at court for an undisclosed amount and no formal changes were bought. In 2005 he was tried and acquitted to further child erotic abuse allegation but jury found him not guilty on all courts.

However, His father Mr. joseph Jackson pushed his on beyond to success. He was very played and known to become violent with them. JJ and his brothers was spent most of the time on rehearsing and learn things. The very first time he was performed five played on gigs and made lots of follower in that time. On the other side he was recorded on his own basis  big boy b-side u’ve changed but it will not worked good as much. He was performed with top artist also. He moved on working with R and B artist glady knight the pips james brown sam and dave. While preparing for his comeback concert seriery he died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication in 25th of June in 2009, after suffering cardiac arrest. His death triggered a global outpouring of grief Forbes ranks Jackson as top earner celebrity a title held for six consecutive year with dollar 115 million in earnings. Unfortunately his two albums had not released that time but luckily that collection was released in 2010 on vuclip with the name of Michael in 2010 and after that Xscape  was launched in 2014

Now I would like to conclude my topic Most of the latest and upcoming artist and musician are followed ton him they are doing dance like him and performed like MJ. Youngsters are performed and act like him in any kind of completion. Because his style and way of singing was very unique. Many of the dancing shows under dancers and choreographer are copied his dancing technique.


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Facebook as Promotional Tool

Facebook is social network website which is founded in February 2004 in California, United States. Its main founder is Mark Zuckerberg and its follow students of the universities. Facebook team takes the support of various students of other universities for making perfect template of website. It is profit making corporation which makes profit in billions every year. It gives opportunities to every teen that complete the age of 13 and become the registered user of this website and they can chat and share pictures, videos with other friends.


Modern times every youngster’s crazy for making new friends in different countries. Facebook gives the platform for execute this choice. Every registered user completed minimum required age of 13 create profile. According to template, we can upload profile pictures, background wallpaper also can change profile username. Fb Team has done work on privacy of everyone profile. We can hide pictures and status. We can hide our personal information from hackers and other unknown persons. We can block request of unknown persons and block their profiles. Many developers create f apps for users like online candy crush, love calculator, list of enemy and many other funny apps.
It has great role in promotional activity. People and industry can make page on social site about its brand & product. They can request people to like the page for taking updation about product information & promotional schemes. Many singers make their official page for giving information about their recent & future activity. User creates various groups on facebook profile. Users add their friends in groups. Anyone who wants share any information , he post information in groups and every group member can see post and can reply with own choice. But group admin can control all post of group. Group admin can set privacy for post any information. Any member, who wants to post information, will put information and it will verify by group admin then it will publish. This option is added by team because any user makes adult pics and status for misleading other users. Many users create groups name with their brands and they publish all information about their brands and product. It is kind of promotional tool.


Website gives option to create own page to the registered user. They can create brand page, company page and publish information on the page.


It gives service of advertisement promotion to the users. User pay the money to the FB team and team promote the brands and product over the worldwide. User can set the location according to his choice such as if we want to promote product in U.S.A, FB Team will show advertisement in U.S.A only. We can also set cities in particular country.
At last we can say facebook is worldwide promotional network, because it has users in billion, everyone can promote his product easily and can famous brand worldwide. So every person and industry must use Fb promotional tool for more aware to people.

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